Private Clients

Alma Risk helps our clients to understand and mitigate the risks associated with their activities, their families & their businesses. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the client and enable them to identify, manage and prevent current and future risks.

Security services

Alma offers the traditional range of security services to our clients delivered to an exceptionally high standard. These services will be implemented in a dynamic and scalable manner whilst at all times striving to ensure as little impact to our clients lifestyle as possible.

Alma’s core security services are:

  • Close protection
  • Protective surveillance
  • Counter surveillance
  • Residential security
  • Technical surveillance and counter measures  (electronic bug sweeping)

Lifestyle management

As our clients’ lifestyle have an ever growing global footprint. Our lifestyle management services will alleviate many issues faced by our clients, from staff management to asset protection.

By getting to understand our client’s lifestyle in a discreet way we identify areas to reconfigure how their lifestyles are managed, run and organised to reduce risk without affecting quality of life.

Lifestyle management services include:

  • Staff CRB/background check
  • Staff training
  • Property protection and management
  • Travel awareness and management

Cyber security services

With lives being monitored, documented and tracked through online platforms at an exponentially increasing level, cyber security and management is at the forefront of risk management. Managing cyber profiles and protecting family and assets from cyber crime is vitally important in today’s world.

Core services:

  • Network penetration testing for commercial and domestic properties
  • Online profile assessment and monitoring
  • Installation and management of IT systems
  • Family online training across all age groups